The MAGAZINE is the multi-media magazine arm of MisBeee Writes – the culture website featuring articles about people of African descent on African soil and in the Diaspora.

This publication aims to shine a light on the transformative actions and inspiring experiences of ordinary individuals doing extraordinary things.

The content is designed to illuminate, inform, and inspire.

The publication is quarterly and covers topics including business, health and well-being, art, literature, history that are anchored around issues of social significance. We shares stories from individuals who are challenging, shaping and disrupting stereotypes about Africa and Africans through their personal stories.

The publication has explored language endangerment and its impact on Ghanaian diaspora communities; featured entrepreneur stories in tech and business, and examined various aspects of mental health and the challenges of diagnosis and treatment.

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One thought on “The MAGAZINE

  1. It is refreshing to always meet original posts discussing issues of relevance to modern-day African being and thinking. The presentation here reveals aspects and examines nuances not covered elsewhere with the same impact. Surely, the site has earned its place in Africana on the net. And for that, congratulations to MisBee!

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