Our pasts inform our futures so knowing where you come from has its benefits. Check out some of these stories below.

Carnival in Salvador, Bahia © MisBeee Writes

How important are facts when producing films on Black history?

Re-teaching Tudor history

Re-writing history with a walk

Brixton exhibition to showcase life of Ewe Royal in papers

Shakespeare and the Robben Island prisoners that inspired a play

Ghana Independence – why stop at 60?

Cheikh Anta Diop – The Pharaoh of Knowledge

Black canvas, white letters – why discourse on slavery is always relevant 

Amma Asante & Belle

Going back to ma roots

A talk with historian Dr Gus Casely Hayford

Britain’s Black trailblazers

MisBeee @ West Africa Word, Symbol, Song

Should the African presence in Tudor England be taught in schools?

Ghanaian sitcom star leaves lasting legacy in Kwahu

Gold Coast: a lucid look into Denmark’s colonial past

Cote d’Ivoire sculpture: unmasking the truth

Hidden histories: Jamaica’s colourful legacies 

Cancer awareness: The Untold Story

The Brasil 2014 World Cup: A family affair

Britain’s Cutty Sark: from Chinese tea to Ghanaian cocoa  

Walter Tull: Gone but not forgotten

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