AKADi teams up with ethical designer for giveaway

To mark the launch of the AKADi Magazine, we are teaming up with amazing small and medium-sized businesses each month to bring you some gifts.

Ekua Addo

For September, we will be showcasing the Ekua Addo brand by a designer Ekua Addo.

Ekua was born in Colombia to Ghanaian and Jamaican parents and has Taino ancestry (one of the earliest inhabitants of Jamaica). She is a regular at the Accra Fashion Week event and also Chale Wote, both of which take place in Accra, Ghana.

Her clothes draw on the influence of her various heritages in Ghana, Jamaica and having lived in Colombia. She designs for women and has a range that includes easy-to-wear items and custom-made outfits.

She was recently featured in Vogue Italia for her focus on ethical design and participated in the Future Fashion Fund organised by digital magazine Debonair Afrik and Accra Mall. Check her out @liveekuaaddo @ekuaaddobasics

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Handmade jute bags

The AKADi Magazine is inspired by the meaning ‘source of light’ in the Ghanaian language Ewe and this publication aims to shine a light on the transformative actions and inspiring experiences of Africans on home soil and those in the Diaspora.

In this edition, we hear from individuals who are challenging and disrupting stereotypes about Africa and what it means to be African through their personal stories.

There are articles about a British-Ghanaian entrepreneur who, before the age of 30, had seized on gaps in the technology and entertainments markets and established successful businesses.

We learn more about one actor with royal connections, who became a household name in Black British comedy. And read about a living legend in Ghana’s film and theatre industries, who continues to shape and inspire many in the business today.

Image credit: Matheus Len’s | Design: Elisia Brown

There is emerging talent too, namely one documentary film producer and director, who continues to explore language endangerment and its impact on Ghanaian diaspora communities.

This magazine touches on topics of identity and belonging, looks into mental health and well-being. It also explores Ghana’s rich cultural history through the eyes of one woman (pictured) who can trace part of her Ghanaian ancestry back five generations to Brazil.

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Each bag is decorated with a different symbol of Taino culture. The Taino are the lesser-known indigenous people of Jamaica, Puerto Rico and Haiti.


To be in with a chance of winning a free jute bag:
1. Subscribe to http://www.msbwrites.co.uk where you can download the AKADi Magazine for free
2. Email your screenshot to abena30@hotmail.com to make our selection
3. We will announce the winner(s) at the end of September.

Abena Sɛwaa
AKADi Magazine

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