Blogging Better @ Pa Gya Literary Festival 2018

Keeping your blog active and readers engaged is a full time job. How do you decide which is the best blog template to use? Is it ever ok to source an image from the internet? How do I make the most of social media to keep my blog page looking active?

Participants of the Pa Gya 2018 Blogging workshop ©

My colleague Esther Naa Dzamah, of The Calabash Hub, and I were invited to explore these topics at the 2018 Pa Gya Literary Festival as part of a blogging workshop organised by The Writers Project Ghana and the Goethe Institut Ghana.

Books in Ghana’s multitude of languages © MisBeee Writes

Below are some of the presentation slides from the event which aim to answer these questions and more.

Blogging Better – Copyright & Copyleft

The door to discussions on blogging © MisBeee Writes

To find out my thoughts on the previous year’s Pa Gya Literary Festival, click here.

And to learn more about copyright rules in Ghana here.

exploring ways to keep your blog active (© MisBeee Writes

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