I am a London-born writer and bookworm originating from Ghana. My name is Kirsty Osei-Bempong but I’m also known by the nickname MisBeee.

I launched MisBeee Writes in 2013 as a way to record thoughts that (at the time) had no public outlet. The blogspot took on a life of its own and became my way of recording the inspiring stories of everyday people; keeping a timeless record of cultural events and opinions from Africans in the Diaspora.

The site focusses on health, culture, the arts, business and society, and explores how Africans are shaping and disrupting conventional thinking and discourse in these areas.

 The stories are mainly about Ghanaians but the subject matter has universal appeal and my aim is to create a conversation with readers. These stories have been featured in a number of local, community and international publications including the Graphic (Ghana), Huffington Post, and the Voice newspaper (UK). This writing has also been a content springboard for event discussions and blogging workshops.

One post on the Taboms of Brazil and Ghana even inspired a forthcoming novel and another post about Denmark’s Ghanaian connections was referenced in the Routledge Journal in July 2018.

In 2015, I was listed as one of 10 ‘Unique Black Female Bloggers To Follow’ by a site called Migreat. A year later, I was nominated five times in The Ghana Blogging and Social Media Awards, and again in 2018.

My academic background is in English Literature and Language, Journalism and International Communications and Development but my passion for developing content has allowed me to grow in other areas too. As a result, I have picked up skills in photography, video blogging, podcasting, copywriting, PR and public speaking along the way.

These skills have allowed me to develop my freelance portfolio and support small to large businesses in growing their brands, content and social media presence. Click here to find out more.