Amateur artist and his fascination with everyday people

Robert Badu is an amateur artist whose gift has been nurtured by a fascination with Asante cultural symbols (such as Asante gold weights), vibrant colours and everyday people. 

Robert Badu

In the vlog below, Badu explores his early influences and explains why sheer determination meant his dyslexia was not a hindrance to him becoming an artist.

Badu is a trained teacher (not in art) although he has been known to teach the subject when the need has arisen. He currently works as a corporate security guard but has hopes of pursuing his artistic passions full time.

He boasts a healthy following on social media which includes US musicians Arrested Development – one of Badu’s favourite groups whose hit song ‘Everyday People’ inspired his work.

The piece below ‘The Politician’ shares an uncanny resemblance to US president Donald Trump. But this is only coincidental said Badu as the painting was produced in 2012.

The Politician by Robert Badu

Badu loves to work with shapes and vibrant colours and has – in the past – been likened to Spanish painter Pablo Picasso. His emphasis is on the dynamics between people, how they interact with one another and what energy and message that creates in his work. He paints and draws using a variety of media including ink on paper, acrylic on canvas, and plastic materials.

Badu’s art has been sold in Denmark and the UK and he is planning an exhibit later in 2017, during the summer. Check out this short vlog about his journey below.

To learn more about his work, check out my full interview with the artist in the Voice newspaper ‘Security Guard’s Artistic Dream Becomes a Reality’ . To see more of his art, visit Instagram: robert_badu_artist or catch him on Facebook at Robert Badu.

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