March events – Year of Return 2019

The Back2Africa Festival celebrates the US Black History Month during the last week of February through to Ghanaian Independence Day in the first week of March with a focus on the arts, and education. It connects African American and Ghanaian cultural art forms through live performances and educational service projects. The Festival provides school supplies and resources for Ghanaian school children in the Akuapem Region. Performances will stop off in Kumasi, Cape Coast, and Accra, and will feature The CrossRhodes, Black Alley Band and Farafina Kan.

The Back2Africa Festival is a partnership between The Adinkra Group and The Ghana Tourism Authority

Attendees have the opportunity to take a DNA test using the world’s largest database of African DNA lineages to determine their country and ethnic group of origin through our partnership with Attendees get the change to participate in a group reveal during the journey. *Always read the terms and conditions attached to these tests.*


Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum and Museum

Ghana Independence Celebration

When: Wednesday, March 6, 2019, 

‘At long last,Ghana! your beloved country, is free forever’.  These were the words of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah on the declaration of the country’s independence in Accra, Ghana.

Independence Day is an official state holiday on 6 March celebrated by the Ghanaian people and the Ghanaian diaspora. The Day marks the declaration of independence from the United Kingdom by Prime Minister Kwame Nkrumah on 6 March 1957. The event kick-starts a series of activities scheduled to take place as part of the anniversary celebration.

The Independence Day Parade is being held at the Black Star square is observed by millions of Ghanaians. In the capital city of Accra, the nation celebrates Independence Day with a patriotic parade of school children, civil servants, and the armed forces. The President gives a speech of solidarity, and above it all flies the flag created in 1957, with its central black star representing the nation’s people. The red band symbolises the journey to independence, and the yellow and green bands the land’s rich natural resources.


African American Association – Ghana Spoken Word Event

This is a platform for African American, American and Ghanaian artist to express their ideas through poetry and performance.

When: Thursday, March 7, 2019 

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The 3GC-TCU Collaborative is sponsoring a two-day Pan-African Student Summit at the University of Ghana (UG) and the University of Cape Coast (UCC). The Summit builds upon the 3GC-TCU annual Pan-African Student Forums held at UG and UCC since 2014 with other campus Pan African student organisations.

University students from the African Diaspora and Ghana will participate in critical discourse and think tanks on essential topics toward the liberation of all African people around the world: identity and social issues, economics and entrepreneurial possibilities, education, and global health and wellness.

The Summit will lay the foundation for the future Pan-African Student/Youth Conference in Ghana in collaboration with major Pan African Student organizations at both the University of Ghana (International Pan-African Youth Organization) and the University of Cape Coast (ASEG: African Students and Empowerment Group and Africana Conference) to foster network and partnership development between student change makers and budding Pan-Africanist in both the Diaspora and the Continent.

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JaGha Reggae Fest is a new festival that aims to embrace and unify the people of Ghana & Jamaican through culture and music. Organised by Edge of the World Production (EOTWP), the vision is to bring the African Diaspora back home to the Motherland; to create a festival that unites the strong African culture with our brothers and sisters abroad, and to spread this message through reggae. JaGha Fest is set over two days with music at Independence Square in Accra, followed by Elmina Castle, Cape Coast.

  • Day 1 Jagha Fest 9th March 2019 – Independence Square
  • Day 2 Jagha Fest 10th March 2019 – Elmina Castle

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For the line up of events all year, click: Year of Return – Year of Events 2019




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  1. I like the coverage here of Year of Return Africa series, categorized into years, months and themes makes accessing material of interest very easy. Coverage is also extensive and a pleasure to read.

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