An archive of Ghana’s past on paper – The Adamah Papers

Followers of my posts will know that I am somewhat of a history nut. Most recently, I have been following the discovery of old letters, documents and newspapers from an Ewe Fia (King) that formed the ‘Family Ties: Adamah Papers’ exhibition at the Black Cultural Archive (BCA) in Brixton, London. Continue reading “An archive of Ghana’s past on paper – The Adamah Papers”

Guest blogger: Joana Nyantakyiwaa – an inspirational mum

International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day have all too keenly focussed the world’s attention on the amazing women in all of our lives. My inspiration is much closer to home and comes from my amazing mum. She is not only beautiful, extremely accomplished as a business woman, mother, healer, chef, and positive thinker – she is unafraid of trying new activities. Continue reading “Guest blogger: Joana Nyantakyiwaa – an inspirational mum”

Ghana’s Tabom heritage – part1

The story of how the Tabom people (an Afro-Brazilian community of former slave returnees mainly of Yoruba descent*) that migrated from Brazil to West Africa has long fascinated me. Those of you who know me know of my love affair with Brazil, my search for its Twi-speaking community and my crazy experiences in the country over four trips. Continue reading “Ghana’s Tabom heritage – part1”