Guest blogger: Joana Nyantakyiwaa – an inspirational mum

International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day have all too keenly focussed the world’s attention on the amazing women in all of our lives. My inspiration is much closer to home and comes from my amazing mum. She is not only beautiful, extremely accomplished as a business woman, mother, healer, chef, and positive thinker – she is unafraid of trying new activities.

Mama channelling Ghana’s Next Top Model, and doing it well!

She taught herself to knit and sew when my brother and I were children, graduated to crocheting doilies and then to creating fantastic flower arrangements. She inspired my love for creativity and established her own jewellery-making enterprise – creating earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

She set up her own business caring for elderly people for almost two decades and once that chapter in her life was drawing to an end, she went back to school and got a couple of GCSEs in English and Law (as you do!).

Saying I am proud of her would be an understatement and to highlight just how inspiring she continues to be, I wanted to share some of the poems she wrote shortly after I had flown the nest and gone to university – the first in our small family.

I hope you enjoy them!

My First Poem


I know a girl. Pretty, kind, hardworking and clever.

I know a young girl who loves her mother, like sweet nectar.

I know a young girl, who left her family to study.

Her mom misses her and she misses her mom,

But life goes on.

She will soon finish her studies and come home.

I am proud of her, I love her and I wish her all the best.

by Joana Osei-Bempong (Akosua Nyantakyiwaa)


Life without your children is like losing a part of you,

He emptiness makes life unbearable.

You can have everything in this world

But it’s not the same,

Your old age is very important.

By Akosua Nyantakyiwaa


What is marriage?

You mean being a slave to a man?

Marriage is for life.

Caring for one another, not hell.

When children are involved, all effort is taken to stay with your spouse;

To make it work.

Do you have to stay and take the abuse; cook and be a housekeeper,

Till you’ve had enough?

Take your bags and run!

By Akosua Nyantakyiwaa


Why don’t human beings want peace?

Life would be easy, harmony would be for everyone.

A fair deal would give the whole world peace.

You like peace, but it does not come to you

When you need it most.

Don’t give up, don’t give in

There is life at the end of the tunnel.

Others appreciate your work,

Love and kindness

Even if the others cannot see.

You deserve a medal or a crown

Not harassment, just persevere.

Your strong will would see you through.

A wise man one said:

“For a man to have peave,

He must be prepared for war”.

By Akosua Nyantakyiwaa


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2 thoughts on “Guest blogger: Joana Nyantakyiwaa – an inspirational mum

  1. Wow! I am learning new things about Maami everyday. What lovely poems!! She is very talented indeed.

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