Keeping comedy in the family

My cousin recently introduced me to a comedy skit making waves on social media featuring a young guy and his parents that has had me rolling on the floor in tears of uncontrolled laughter. The comedian’s name is SDK and this young man has managed to capture all that is good and bad about growing up with Ghanaian parents in skits no longer than three minutes.

The SDK family © Rimles Creatives Photography

Take my personal favourite – ‘When You Get Home Late’ – which features him creeping into the house unaware that his mother is up waiting and standing behind the door he’s just entered through.

Cue the dramatic music and some wicked sarcastic one-liners from his mum Rebecca and even if you don’t understand the Akan language Fante – seeing this matriarch brandish a meat cleaver and a wooden club and asking him to choose his weapon of choice would have you in stitches. (Can’t find this one on YouTube but it’s on his Instagram page (SDK_dele).

I don’t know how he’s been able to get his parents on board, why they haven’t forced him into the ‘acceptable’ professions for a Ghanaian child (lawyer, doctor, engineer, teacher) but I think most people would agree that having parents like him would be awesome!

The parent-and-child comedy combo is one I’ve seen in the UK. Admittedly, it has been with only one parent – Romesh Ranganathan immediately springs to mind – but I can’t think of a popular comedy skit featuring both parents. His set up is either unique or very rare.

Turns out SDK’s dad – Francis – used to be a puppet master and his mum – Rebecca – has been entertaining the family with her dry sense of humour for years. So much so, the trio have acted in a couple of films including a comedy called Blue Film where two men fight for one woman’s love. The family has also and featured in Shatta Wale’s music video and another by AKCloud9Empire called Adwoa Mansah. SDK is also in new film produced by Adjetey Anang called Black Sheep, which will be out on 3 November 2018.

SDK has been producing comedy sketches for about seven years in his house, using his own equipment and supported by donations from his friends. His parents got on board some two or three years ago, he told listeners to Ghanaian radio station 3FM 92.7 earlier this month. It was also down to the Zylofon Arts Fund, that have supported  his art, and given him the springboard to invest in better equipment and grow his audience.

I got to pose a few questions to SDK to find out more……

MisBeee Writes: I see you’ve been doing comedy for a while but only recently introduced your family into the skits. What made you decide to do that?

Sadik Dele:  I thought it would be a unique idea since such thing has never been done before and my parents love acting too.

SDK – the perpetual joker © Rimles Creatives Photography

MBW: Your comedic timing on skits such as ‘When You Get Home Late’, ‘Moment of Silence’ and ‘Bad Mind’ are on point!!! Who comes up with the ideas?

SDK: All of the skits are by me. I write my own concepts.

MBW: Do you have to do many retakes or is one enough to get it right?

SDK: I have to do many because I want it to be right and funny.

MBW: I think mums are natural comedians. Is this how your mum was when you were growing up?

SDK: Yeah – LOL! She is very funny just like my dad too.

SDK’s dad – Francis Sulley – former puppet master © Rimles Creatives Photography

MBW: I’ve seen people outside of Ghana that don’t understand Fante but love your work. Where is the strangest place that people are watching you from?

SDK: Sierra Leone, Liberia, Togo, Russia, Italy – and many more!

MBW: Please tell your mum she made me laugh so much I was crying. She is too much. And ask your mum – apart from Ghanaian afropop, dancehall and reggae artiste Stonebwoy, (produced by Zylofon Music) which other artists does she like?

SDK: She loves Stone but I know she jumps to other artistes’ music when they are good.

MBW: Please ask your dad…. was he really smoking weed in the skit you did when they caught you smoking?

SDK: Ahahhahah LOL. It was paper.

MBW: It seems there’s no subject that is off limits with your parents – sex, drugs – is that for the purposes of the skits or is this how your parents are?

SDK: Mmmm they are just skits. I like making fun of anything that we face in everyday life

Rebecca Oppong Sulley – SDK’s mom. My favourite one-liner ‘I’m wi’ chu baabyy” © Rimles Creatives Photography

MBW: Are you an only child?

SDK: No I am the last born.

MBW: How did you get the big break to do the Blue Film last year?

SDK: I  think it was through my hard work that the producer Prince Dovlo got to know about me. He gave me a call one day to meet him and we took it from there.

MBW: What plans do you and your parents have next for this year and next?

SDK: Hopefully we are planning on Bluefilm 2 and a social media series.

SDK has been producing comedy

Check out more of SDK and his family’s funny skits on:

Instagram, Snpachat & Facebook: @sdkdele

TwitterFacebook: @sdk_dele



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