Maame Adjei champions African travel

Ghana-born actress and film producer Maame Adjei is off to South Africa to film the next season of her travel web series ‘Girl Going Places’.


Travelling culture

Adjei believes Ghanaians do not tend to travel internally for pleasure or leisure because “it is just not part of our culture,” she told MisBeee. “My mother would never go to the north unless it’s for work or a funeral. You don’t just get up one day and say: ‘hey let’s take a trip…’ And that’s an issue because when we have someone from say Norway who drops in Ghana gets on a trotro and next thing you know is in Tamale and tells a story about Tamale that you don’t like, you can’t blame them. They’re telling it from their perspective – so how about you as a Ghanaian go to Tamale so you can tell your own story and own that story.”
Destination Ghana

‘Girl Going Places’ first hit the web earlier this year and has already attracted a growing following. The first series consists of six episodes featuring a mix of Ghanaian destinations Adjei visited for the first time, her favourite eateries and spots for buying locally-made fashion. “It is something like a guide for coming to Ghana,” she said.

Although born in Ghana, Adjei moved to the UK in her teens and then to the US for university. She has a BA is Psychology and a MS in Healthcare/ Finance Administration. After over a decade in the US, she decided to return home for good, touching down on home soil in December 2012. From there, she cultivated a love for exploring the country of her birth.

Adjei is better known for co-producing ‘An African City’ and starring as Zainab in the production dubbed the African version of ‘Sex and the City’. But the Ghanaian-American is also carving a name for herself as a bit of a travel guru. Her aim is to encourage more Africans to visit destinations within their home continent.

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