Perspectives on mental health

The 10th of October is World Mental Health Day and as part of the day, I wanted to share some of the mental health challenges people in our communities have told me over the years.

Mental health

I start with a frank interview with aspiring poet Tetteh-Kwesi who lives with dyspraxia and undiagnosed psychosis. He talks about how he has had to grapple with understanding his conditions, navigating manhood, relationships and how he has been received by the NHS and the police. He talks about his love of poetry and how writing poems has helped his to navigate this often challenging world. Click here to listen to his story.

Listen to: Mental health and poetry – one man’s story

In this piece, mum-of-two Jayne talks about her journey to discover why her perfect daughter Ann-Marie was initially misdiagnosed by the health authorities. She also talks about her faith, determination and the foresight of a Ghanaian doctor resulted in a positive outcome.

Read: Misdiagnosis and mental health – one mother’s journey

A mother’s love knows no bounds and this post tells the story of a woman who did not want to be named but felt so strongly about sharing her son’s amazing story. We sometimes underestimate the power communities can have and how ignorance can sway opinion when it comes to autism. Her story shows that against adversity, it is possible to make a positive difference.

Read: Mother keeps hope alive for autistic son

There are people willing to champion the cause of people in the UK grappling with mental health challenges. In this post I review an event staged by charity A2nd Voice and list some of the organisations that people looking for help can contact.

Read: London fundraiser boosts platform for autism awareness

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