Trash to treasure with Gutta Soles

I love the idea of recycling and re-purposing items, which is why when I came across the Gutta Soles brand, I thought the concept was excellent. These are shoes with soles made from car tyres, the body of the shoes crafted using scraps of Ghanaian cloth, and there is organic cotton and Fairtrade rubber in there too.

They are called Gutta Soles but there is also another option called G-Soles made using pre-loved shoes that are re-purposed but do not have a tyre sole.

Even more fascinating was how the founder was using the proceeds from sales of these shoes to create an industry in Ghana and help his employees transform their lives.

I spoke to founder Kromanteng at length in the first of this four-part podcast to find out more.

In part two, Kromanteng explains the inspiration for the Gutta Soles name and the part his love for music plays in the brand.

In part 3, Kromanteng speaks about designing a set of footwear for Pat Thomas and the Kwashubu Area Band.

In the fourth segment, Kromanteng shares his views on Ghana’s Year of Return initiative.

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2 thoughts on “Trash to treasure with Gutta Soles

    1. Thanks for the comment, Esther. Gutta Soles comes from the fact that the materials come from Ghana’s gutters – or are examples of items that are thrown away in Ghana. In part 2, which will be out shortly, Kromanteng draws an analogy to Ghana’s open gutters and the idea that if they are open, there is always an opportunity for Ghanaians to get out of that gutter. And in a way, that is what the Gutta Soles brand is all about.

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