British-Ghanaian TV personalities share their career tips

If you think you’ve exhausted all options when progressing your career, there is always something else you can try. That’s what I took away from the Star 100’s ‘In Conversation’ session with TV and KissFM radio presenter Melvin Odoom and Sky TV newsreader Claudia-Liza Armah on 25 February. Continue reading “British-Ghanaian TV personalities share their career tips”

Part2: The enduring legacy of Brazil’s Tabom in Ghana

British-Ghanaian journalist and videographer Kai Lutterodt can trace her ancestry back five generations to the Tabom people, (check part one ‘Roots and culture I’ here).  The Taboms were an Afro-Brazilian community of former slave returnees, mainly of Yoruba descent, that migrated to Nigeria initially and then settled in Ghana*. Continue reading “Part2: The enduring legacy of Brazil’s Tabom in Ghana”

Part1: Ghana’s Tabom heritage

The story of how the Tabom people (an Afro-Brazilian community of former slave returnees mainly of Yoruba descent*) that migrated from Brazil to West Africa has long fascinated me. Those of you who know me know of my love affair with Brazil, my search for its Twi-speaking community and my crazy experiences in the country over four trips. Continue reading “Part1: Ghana’s Tabom heritage”

Amma Asante & Belle

British-Ghanaian director Amma Asante directed Belle – the story of a woman with African and European heritage in 2013. Her film signalled a welcome shift in the ownership of films about the other. But as Amma explains in this segment, having the creative control to tell the story how she would want it is still fraught with challenges. Continue reading “Amma Asante & Belle”